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Our dedication to excellence drives us to continuously evolve and provide unmatched value to our clients, making B&H Services the trusted partner for achieving business greatness.
Brandon Howle's life is a testament to adaptability, ambition, and deep-rooted values. Born in San Angelo and shaped by his years in Midland, Texas, Brandon's entrepreneurial spirit was kindled by his grandparents' business, Howle’s Pipe and Supply. While his early dreams of firefighting showcased his drive to serve, his professional path led him through management, information technology, and water transfer operations in Odessa. Guided by a legacy of entrepreneurship and a desire to be his own boss, Brandon's journey is punctuated by passions ranging from sprint cars to aviation. Yet, at the heart of his achievements lies a steadfast faith and commitment to community, exemplified by his involvement with RUK and his dedication to nurturing future leaders.
Empowering excellence through innovative, widely varied trucking solutions. We are committed to fostering growth, efficiency, and success by delivering innovative strategies and top notch support.
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